Silk Systems

Simplifying the order and support process for customized, industrial and off the shelf data storage.

Who We Are

Silk Systems is a silicon valley based company aiming to simplify the data storage needs of companies in various industries worldwide. The company was founded on the principle of making the order and support process for customized, industrial and off the shelf storage much easier. Making sure the client experiences excellent, cost effective service while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

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One stop shop for all your data storage needs

From our Puma line of SSD(Solid State Drives) to our Jaguar line we have what you need when it comes to consumer, industrial, rugged/military, embedded and 3U/6U VPX data storage.   We can also custom build any products according to your specifications.

All of our products are proudly USA made with approved global materials. We don’t sell. We offer solutions as smooth as silk. Our team is efficient, our products are trusted and our work is reliable.

Featured Products

Our 3U VPX with removable, 3U VPX with M.2 and our Rugged SATA3 SSD are some of our most in demand products.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details!

3U Removable VPX

This Garnet Series' 3U VPX Removable Storage is designed in compliance with ANSI/VITA 46 standards these systems are ideal for embedded computing with applications using a wide range VME bus for high speed storage and data acquisition.

Leopard M.2 Drive

The Silk System's Cheetah line of SSDs are the perfect fit for all of your enterprise needs. These drives are specifically designed to last and can be customized according to client needs. Available with both TLC or MLC and supporting all mainstream OS's, the Cheetah series is ideal for high traffic data servers and advanced security systems.

Jaguar 2.5 SSD

These drives are rigorously tested to survive. They are battle ready MIL-STD with the latest in encryption and security features. Our Jaguar line was built to follow the soldier, drone, aircraft, or other armored vehicle into battle and come out on the other side with your data secure.