Data Verification and Security

Information Superhighway was a term that was mostly commonly used in the 90s to refer to the explosion of communications technology.  In a few short years people went from using the TV and newspapers as their primary source of information to their computers and phones.  Information sharing became instantaneous and this came with a lot of pitfalls. When information is instant, rather than having all the checks in place to make sure the information that is being consumed, is accurate.  It’s put out there with a shoot first ask questions later attitude.  A lot of times if information is found to be inaccurate a retraction/correction has to be published or, nowadays even that is considered a waste of time and the inaccurate information is allowed to just stay out there for public consumption.  Sometimes, taking on a life of it’s own.

As people, we are inundated with so much information at once that it can sometimes be overwhelming.  It creates anxieties and fears because not everything we are reading, listening to, or watching is accurate and it definitely doesn’t take our mental wellbeing into account.  What this has done is created a place where information verification is king.  If you can produce accurate information on a regular basis and just report the facts, you are an invaluable resource.

It’s not unlike data verification.  As technology in the information world improves, data transfer becomes much faster.  Our systems, be them personal, business or enterprise have become so fast that by the time an issue is discovered, it could be too late.  This makes data verification extremely important.  Is the data that’s being stored and transferred on your system verified or are you dealing with the “fake news” of the tech industry.  This puts Silk Systems in a unique position.  Come visit us at ITC in Las Vegas and let us show you, just how secure and accurate we can store and transfer your data.  Contact us via email,  phone, web inquiry or even in person in Vegas and experience innovation as smooth as silk.

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