2022 Priorities


     As a tech company, moving into the new year during these times is still a struggle.  I wanted to take this time to highlight what the priorities look like for Silk Systems for 2022.

     The last two years have given companies both large and small a lot of time to look inward.  To really examine the innerworkings of the complicated machine that is a business.  In doing this, some companies have modified processes, adjusted roadmaps, and changed priorities to try and survive these rollercoaster times.  There are those companies that have done this extremely well and have not only survived, but have been able to thrive in this new atmosphere.  Then there are others that we will unfortunately never hear from again.  I feel for the companies that these times have hit the hardest.  Silk Systems has also had to adjust to these times.  Fortunately for us we have a group of very highly skilled professionals that know this industry inside and out.  This group has successfully carried us to this point and I believe will successfully carry use through 2022 and beyond.

     This brings me back to my original topic, which is what does 2022 look like for Silk Systems from a priority stand point?  For us, this means a continued focus on new technology.  We are knee deep in development of Silk Systems Smooth Connect™.  More details on Smooth Connect will be released very soon.  This technology is going to change how we think of Data Storage and I believe it will alter the path of data storage development in the industry, going forward.  As we continue in this development, we are also working on new offerings to our new customers and current clients.  These new offerings are more secure and faster SSD options.  These include things like PCIe gen4 drives in the industrial and military grade space as well as drives with new features.  As a company, we have been lucky that the ongoing chip shortage hasn’t hit us as hard as it has some other companies.  We are still able to deliver our solutions in a timely manner with the utmost quality and reliability.  Because of our dedicated team, partnerships with our suppliers, and our ability to quickly pivot we are looking forward to a very prosperous 2022.  As always, stay happy and healthy everyone, lets make 2022 a great year!

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