Security, hackers, and data breaches

I know that I’ve talked about this before and I’m sure that we are all hearing about current events all over the place now.  But, it would be extremely irresponsible of us to let this time pass and not talk about security.  More specifically, data security.  Once again, we find ourselves in unprecedented times.  This time, it is with conflict where soldiers and civilians are dying and like it or not, the world as a whole is involved.   Although this conflict hasn’t escalated to WWIII as of this writing and I sincerely hope that it never does, data security is a large part of this conflict.  Data is in danger and it’s not just the data of those individuals and companies that are directly involved in this particular conflict, it’s data in general.  Data breaches are very rarely a surgical procedure in which only the data these hackers are seeking is what gets revealed or stolen.  Instead, they are more akin to a bomb where the data they are seeking along with a lot of collateral damage is all of a sudden spewed all over the internet as well as some other very dark places.  That data is then picked up by anyone willing to pay for it or even sometimes for free.  It is then used to scam people and companies, sometimes holding them for ransom.  This makes the cyber battlefield is very scary place and in some instances, much more scary than the physical one.   If used in nefarious ways, the cyber battlefield can be responsible for the deaths of thousands and in most cases these deaths wouldn’t only be soldiers.  So there’s really only one question that we can ask as this point.  How can I keep my data safe while so much of the world is in conflict?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a perfect one.  There’s no one solution for this problem and there never has been.  As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, so should the protections against those attacks.  This is what has happened, attacker and defenders in a constant game of Chess, one always trying to out play the other.  If we were all on the cutting edge of security technology as individuals or as companies, this is where we would be, just awaiting attackers to make the next most sophisticated move while we are protected against most other things.  Unfortunately, this isn’t where we are.  There are many companies and individuals that have been put in situations where security has been relegated to the background.  This leaves you open to an attack or data breach in a time when attacks are coming in higher numbers and much faster than they did before.

Here at Silk Systems, we do everything in our power to make sure our SSDs are safe and secure to use.  We are also constantly researching better data storage solutions and security measures to make sure we only deliver the best most secure drives to our clients.    With your data on one of our SSDs you can rest assured that the hardware is as secure as it can possibly be.  We also offer a host of other security features that can be added to our drives. These include things like physical destruction, secure erase, Hardware write protect, Military grade encryption and much more.  Allow Silk Systems to take a security concern off your plate so you don’t have to worry about it and can concentrate on other things.  Don’t hesitate to contact us and allow us to help you enjoy Innovation as Smooth As Silk, today!

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