Introducing Silk Systems Gaming Edition SSDs


          I’d like to introduce a new line of products.  These are Silk Systems Gaming Edition SSDs.  What we have done is taken our knowledge and experience with Industrial and Military grade SSDs and funneled that into affordable consumer grade (with some industrial extras) SSDs.  These drives were built with the gaming consumer in mind so affordability without sacrificing quality was the main focus.

The first in our gaming line up is the PUMA Gaming Edition 2.5inch SSD.  This drive was built to handle whatever a gamer can throw at it.  Currently available in 1tb, 2tb, and 4tb capacities, this drive was meant to be pushed to the limit.  Perfect for home arcade systems, boot drives, or just as a general all around work horse inside your PC.

The second drive in our Gaming Edition lineup is the PUMA Gaming Edition SPEED.   This is a gen4 m.2 SSD that was built to deliver the fastest speeds available.  Currently available in 1tb, 2tb, and 4tb capacities.  These SSDs are lightening fast for insanely quick data transfers and access rates.


We here at Silk Systems are extremely excited to bring this new product line to the market and will be further building it out to include many more products.

Contact Us for more details!  Happy gaming!


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