Warranty Policy


Thank you for your continued support and purchase of your Silk Systems SSD.

The warranty period will immediately take effect starting from the date of delivery. Please be aware that the warranty policy is only applicable to products that have experienced failure when operated under the intended use and function. Silk Systems will not be liable for any damage occurring to the product when operated outside the specified guidelines. Silk Systems supports our products according to the following criteria.


Items customers need to be aware of :

Replacement of PRODUCT will have the same part number as the part received, unless prior authorization is obtained to substitute another part number. The same material will be used by Silk Systems for repair or replacement regarding the appearance of the product if there is severe damage (such as broken case, plates burned, etc.)

Repair Period

Under normal circumstances with standard products, Silk Systems will repair or replace the defective PRODUCT within two weeks from the day of receipt. However, postponement of repair or replacement caused by accessories being incomplete, material availability or transportation delay, the customer will be notified.

Limited Warranty

Any mishandling or operation beyond the said specifications and guidelines, voids the warranty policy.

Any damage to the product that is the result of abnormal operation or fatal error caused by improper installation/testing, environmental conditions, failure to verify the supplied power, usage not in accordance with product instructions, label tampering, repair, or alteration voids the warranty policy.

Any product which has been modified or original identification markings have been removed, altered or obliterated, or the label or screw on the casing of the product is removed or broken; OR Any product usage of which has reached its write endurance limit, as measured by the SMART attribute.